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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  February 14, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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that's it for this special report, fair, balanced and unafraid. >> this is the "fox report." tonight, we are getting close. word a deal could be in the works to extend the payroll tax cut and more. plus, cutting cash from the defense budget. >> our challenge is to meet these threats, to protect our nation and our people. and at the same time, meet our responsibility to fiscal discipline. >> this defense budget continues the administration's habit of putting short-term political considerations over our long-term national security interests. >> shepard: tonight, the showdown over military spending. it was at this church that whitney houston first gave the world a glimpse of her talent.
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now it's at this church that the world will say its good-byes. >> it's shocking. it's a great loss. >> i could not believe that this woman who had recorded a sound track for my life was no longer. >> shepard: tonight, the funeral plans for a super star. plus, tired of spending all that cash on flowers and chocolates? we'll show you the spot where officials are trying to scratch valentine's day right off the calendar. but first, from fox this tuesday night, maybe a valentine's present for you, word of progress on a plan to keep your paycheck from shrinking, starting next month. lawmakers have been meeting on capitol hill and they are apparently very close to a deal. you will recall, last december, lawk makers compromised on a plan on the 2% cut in payroll tax, but they only extended it temporarily and that extension runs out this month. if they can't figure out a way to keep it going, the white house says the average family
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will get $40 less in each paycheck. earlier today, the president says he's optimistic that lawmakers will work something out. >> now, the good news is, we have seen hopeful signs in congress that they realize they have to get this done. >> it does look like they have realized that, all right. but as we all know, there are no guarantee when is it comes to congress. mike emanuel, mike, it really sounds like the president's getting almost what he has been asking for for months now. what are you hearing. >> reporter: shep, a lot of folks here are optimist that i can we are close to a deal. when the house republican leaders said last night that they would give up the battle over how to pay for extending the payroll tax holiday for the rest of the year that, seemed to free up negotiations on a more comprehensive package to extend unemployment and work on a dpeel for medicare reimbursement and paying for those key components. here's the key republican negotiator.
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>> we are very close. i don't have anything to announce right now, but we have been working all weekend. staff's been working all weekend. we are very close. we have a structure and a framework, but nothing i can announce right now. >> shepard: another key negotiator described as dotting eyes and crossing ts, but we know the house republican leadership had to sell it to its members and this is meeting tonight. >> democrats are on board, right? >> reporter: they are. we have heard from a number of key democrats saying if it was just the payroll holiday, they would definitely vote in favor of that to extend those benefits to many millions of americans. they have been in favor of the broader package. here's a key senate democrat on that. >> i applaud the decision to help move the payroll tax forward. it's critical to millions of americans. we also have some very -- some important other issues that this conference committee is focused on, the uneltployment insurance,
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which has run out for many americans who are struggling to get by and get back on track. >> reporter: barring a setback, we are hearing that the house could take up a broader package, as soon as perhaps friday. the senate will vote after the house. shep? >> shepard: mike, thanks very much. well, president obama met with the man who is set to take control of china, the chinese vice-president is expected to become the country's next leader. he arrived at the white house earlier today for the start of a trip to the united states. it was a largely ceremonial visit. but later on, vice-president biden did mention china needs to play by the rules, when it comes to trade. >> the united states and china will continue to compete. and as americans, we welcome competition. it's part of our dna. and it propels our citizens to rise to the challenge. but cooperation, as you and i have spoken about, can only be mutually beneficial if the game
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is fair [applause] >> shepard: the chinese vice-president defend his country's record on human rights but said, of course, there is always room for improvement the family of the late singer whitney houston announcing they will hold her funeral on saturday, one week after her death and that it will be a private ceremony, at the same church where she first sang gospel as a child. the grammy-winning singer will perform the eulogy. a member of her personal staff found the star, according to authority, unresponsive in a bathtub in the beverly hilton hotel. drugs or alcohol may may be related to the death. we have a picture of the bathtub. as you can see, it is half full of water. tmz reports another guest is already staying in that hotel room. it goes for no less than $375 a
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night and is booked for, quote, the foreseeable future. investigators have yet to determine what killed the four-time grammy singer. lat night, her godmother sang what is perhaps her most famous song. i will... i will always love you >> today, the number 1 download on itunes. but fans may be disappointed to hear that her family has no plans to hold any kind of public memorial. we go live to the west coast newsroom, where this began. trace, the families back in new jersey in her hometown. it sounds like there is real concern for whitney houston's daughter? >> reporter: she is clearly devastated. the mortgage after her mother died, she had to be rushed to a los angeles hospital, suffering stress and anxiety and now the day before her mom was found unresponsive in that bathtub that christina took a bath in
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the beverly hilton and would not answer the door. when the staff finally opened the door, she was in the tub, asleep. it turns out that she is trying to follow in her parents' footsteps in the entertainment industry. listen. don't forget me... >> reporter: she posted that on her twitter account about five months ago. new jersey governor chris christie has announced the flags will be flown at half staff in new jersey on saturday as a tribute to whit new houston. >> they are still working on toxicology and it could be 6 to 8 weeks. why so long? >> reporter: the science doesn't take that long. we talked to michael boden. he says they can tell how much alcohol was in her system in one hour and the drug testing should take no more than 2 weeks.
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but the l.a. county coroner has put this on a security hold, to give investigators time to investigate this. now it's time to discover the quantity of drugs. there were three types of anti-anxiety medications in the hotel and that could be lethal. >> all of them may have the same effect, which is they make you more and more unconscious and suppress your brain's breathing center. so it is more likely that you will stop breathing all together with a big combination of alcohol and sedatives. >> shepard: police won't say approximate if any local pharmacies are under investigation. you ready to pay $4 a gallon for gas, again? we'll tell you when gas prices could be headed higher and much higher and why it's happening. later, word of a potential dramatic cut to the nation's nuclear arsenal, slashing stockpiles by up to 80%? we will check in with the reason on that change with the
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>> shepard: another sign it's about to cost a lot more to fill up. oil prices closing in on $101 a barrel. the analysts are blaming the continued economic crisis in europe, along with increasing tension between iran and the west. of course, the price of oil helps determine what we pay at the pump, obviously. and economists warn that gas could cost $4 a gallon on average by summer. we haven't seen an average like that since the summer of '08. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.51, the highest it's ever been this early in the year. let's turn to jerry willis. is there any sign of relief in sight? >> i don't see it. the trends are pointing to higher prices. the north sea, production is lower, so prices are higher. you talk about strait of hormuz
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and that's down. there are tensions in the sudan, creating lower production. so when you look at prices and you make comparisons, it's frightening to see the trend here. you said the current price $3.51 a week ago, it was lower, a month ago, lower still. a year ago, even lower. so the trend is clear. >> shepard: we are hearing from some people to get ready for the possibility of $5 a gallon? >> yeah. the former shell oil ceo says we could get $5 a gallon. i know that's frightening to a lot of people. let's talk about what that means for regular americans. if you are spending this much for a gallon, you are traveling 12,000 miles a year. take a look at this. you will be paying $1,000 more for gas each and every year at $5 than at $3.r -- 3.51, which is what it is right now. that could be our reality. >> that could take care of an economic recovery suite.
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wall street sustains a rally, right about where it started. it was up 4 just short of its best close of this year. nasdaq barely broke even. s&p was down about a point. the markets fell, reacting to continued chaos in greece. european finance chiefs called off a meeting to discuss a bailout deal, saying that greece hasn't pledged to make enough budget cuts. economists are warning a default by greece could threaten the global economic recovery. to the white house, a new poll showed that rick santorum continues to pick up steam, according to today's poll, rick santorum leads the g.o.p. field with 30% among republican primary voters. he had 16% in the same survey just one month ago. he's 3 points ahead of the former leader, mitt romney. but it's a statistical dead heat since it's within the margin of error. ron paul and newt gingrich are
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much farther behind. and santorum is in the lead by a smaller margin in another poll, a huge change from just a month ago, when rick santorum was one of the cellar dwellers. a new worry for thousands of families coping with cancer. tonight, word that pharmacies are in some cases running out of a desperately needed drug. >> it's shocking to just look on the news and all of a sudden, hey, there is a major drug we are going to run out of in 2 weeks. >> why drug companies are stopping production of critical medications. attorneys for a former lacrosse star blame booze and pills for his girlfriend's death. how will they explain the disturbing testimony from two doctors in this case? disturbing testimony from two doctors about what he might have done. that's coming up. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of peoe are choosing advil. i'm keith baraka and i'm a firefighter. and it's very physically demanding. if i'm sore i not at my best.
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>> shepard: some pharmacies are warning now that they are running out of a vital children's cancer drug and some may only have enough to last a couple of weeks. it is one that doctors use to fight leukemia. but after its largest manufacturer stopped production, supply has begun to shrink and that means potential trouble for thousands of children, including jake jameson. he's 12 years old. >> he has to have it. it helps to cure what he has. >> i am sure they will be able to figure something else out. they would have to because there are so many kids that are dealing with this. it's not just our child. >> shepard: jake's case is part of an ongoing problem on which fox news has been reporting for months. a shortage of critical drugs has been plaguing hospitals across the nation. one issue is that expensive drugs become available in generic form and manufacturers have less financial incentive to keep producing them. a lacrosse player, yardley love
7:20 pm
suffered severe bleeding and bruising in her brain at the time of her death. that's the word from two doctors who examined her brain during autopsy. they testify in the murder trial of her ex, who proscurious say broke into her apartment, banged her head against a wall and left her to die, which she did. and he sent her an email saying, quote, i should have killed. the suspect said he and the victim got into a fight but she was very much alive when he left her. instead, defense attorneys blame her death on a combination of atoral and alcohol that led to the problem. it we have a reporter live outside the courthouse in charlottesville. paul, what did we learn in court today? >> reporter: this jury began listening to testimony at 9:00 this morning and went well into the afternoon. fwo neuropathologists, one from
7:21 pm
richmond and one from university of virginia here say they examined the victim's brain. it was taken out of the skull. they each examined it over a period of weeks. one said that she found contusions to each side of her brain, as well as hemorrhaging in the brain stem. a second doctor testified about using what was called an app staining to look at the brain even more, to try to determine what may have happened to her. both of them said that those injuries came from blunt force trauma. >> shepard: we heard again from the medical examiner who performed this autopsy, what from him? >> reporter: he was called to the stand a second time because the first time he didn't give his opinion as to what caused yardly love's death. he took the stand and he said that it was cardiac arhythmia brought on by the blunt force trauma. we should mention that she was asked about the prescription medication she was taking,
7:22 pm
atorral and the alcohol in the system. he said it was not lethal levels. >> shepard: paul wagoner. well, opening arguments underway today in the trial of the accuse honeymoon killer. gabe watson allegedly cut off his wife's oxygen supply when the two were scuba diving off the great barrier reef so he could cash in on her life insurance policy. investigators say this shows the wife at the bottom of the ocean, moments after she died. the defense called it a perfect storm of events and pointed out the victim's father was the beneficiary of the life insurance policy, so there was no way the husband could collect any of the cash. if convicted, gabe watson faces life in prison. the u.s. military beefing up its presence off the coast of iran, word that we may have an aircraft carrier patrolling the waters. it comes amid reports that tomorrow, iran will announce new steps in its nuclear program.
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amanda knox, living free outside seattle since an itoolian appeals court tossed out her murder conviction. but prosecutors say they want to put her back in prison.
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7:28 pm
suspected arson fire tops our news from around the world in 80 seconds. germany, police say more than 20 vehicles were in the wreck. it killed at least one person. cops say they suspect somebody set fire to plastic pipes beneath a bridge and the smoke made it difficult for the drivers to see. local reports inicate the fire damage to the bridge is so severe, workers might need to tear it down. madagascar. an intense probable cyclone hit the indian ocean island. strong wins and whipping rain damaged many homes and buildings and caused power cuts to the capitol city. officials say the severe weather killad the least one person when a tree fell on a house. ecuador, downpours triggered floods along a stretch of the coastline. some residents found boats, but others got stuck wading in the high water as they tried to save belongings and get to shelters.
7:29 pm
one person died after having a seizure from falling into the water. thailand. u.s. and thai soldiers held a joint military drill east of bangkok in cobra gold, an american partnership with southeast asian countries. today's exercise simulated a tear gas attack and tested decontamination efforts. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. i'm shepard smith. this is the "fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news, several top lawmakers on capitol hill today expressing serious reservationses about the pentagon's plan to cut hundreds of billions of dollars from our own budget. $32 billion in the upcoming fiscal year alone. leon panetta defended the cost-cutting measures saying everyone has to pitch in. >> our goals are to maintain the strongest military in the world, to not hollow out the force, to
7:30 pm
take a balance approach to budget cuts by putting everything on the table, and to not break faith with the troop and it is families. >> it will involve slashing the size of the army and the marine corps and cutting back on shipbuilding and delaying the purchase of new weapons systems. the senate armed service chairman carl evan insisted that any base closures must start overseas, not here in the united states. jennifer griffin at the pentagon. i think the rub is the politicians because each of the 50 states will be affected. >> reporter: that's right. they will. it was a shot across the bow at senators and congressmen considering further cuts. secretary panetta warning them not to. perhaps most surprising in the discussion today is that the pentagon is slashing by half the amount it previously requested for training the afghan military, a key part of the president's strategy to end the
7:31 pm
war in afghanistan and bring the troops home in 2014. >> let me be clear -- you can't take a half a trillion dollars out of the defense budget and not incur additional risks. >> reporter: he added that he thinks that those risks are reasonable in the current budget. >> shepard: and the reduction in the size of the nation's nuclear arsenal as well, right? >> reporter: that's right. breaking tonight, we have confirmed that the obama administration did ask the pentagon to look into possibly cutting the nation's nuclear arsenal by as much as 80%. this is a significant cut to the nuclear deterrent and it has already -- there is some criticism on capitol hill. remember, president obama said in 2009 that he would like to see a world without nuclear weapons. >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you. well, the defense secretary leon panetta addressed what he considers some of the biggest
7:32 pm
global thetes that face us now, on or near the top of the list is iran. secretary panetta said he did not think the israeli government has yet made a decision on whether to strike iran's nuclair facilities. but it appears, he says, the u.s. military isn't taking any chances. the uss abraham lincoln in the waters off iran. the ship sailed through the strait of hormuz, one of the planet's most important waterway, 20% of the world's oil passes through there. but there could be a major development tomorrow. you see, tomorrow, state media reports iran's president, ahmadinejad, plans to unveil the islamic republic's newest nuclear project. d it didn't reveal what the project might be. new evidence of a possible proxy war outside the middle-east. police in thailand's capitol say an iranian man set off a series of grenades, blowing off his own leg and wounding at least four other people. the israeli defense more than minister called that an
7:33 pm
attempted attack that iran had backed. and this from another israeli official. i quote, we know who carried out the terror attacksful we know who sent them and israel will settle the score with them. fox news cannot confirm whether the blast targeted officials ofs from israel, but it comes one day after iranians bombed an israeli diplomat's car in india and tried a similar attack in the republic of georgia. israel blames iran and hezbollah for those incidents. the u.s. considers that group a terror organization. last month, a car bomb attack killed an iranian skift and it is the back and forth that has so many crrn concerned. a cabinet member is accused of hijacking a revolution. the official claims that the u.s. funded chaos groups after hosni mubarak stepped down. this comes as 90 americans are
7:34 pm
still trapped in egypt, after being arrested for illegally receiving foreign funds. the white house threatened to cut military funding to egypt unless they dropped the charges. but the white house just proposed egypt continue getting the $1 billion plus in aid. we go live to d.c., where we are learn that this white house wants toute another $800 million in u.s. taxpayer money to help other arab spring sort of countries. >> reporter: that's right. the budget is the acknowledgement of the tension because of the arab spring. the white house says they need more money. there is a new money called middle-east and north africa incentive fund. the state department wants $770 million, mostly new budget money to encourage reform. one senator says it's just not possible. >> we sent over $60 billion in aid to egypt over the years. and they now hold 19 u.s.
7:35 pm
citizens virtually hostage. will we ever learn? will we ever learn that you can't buy friendship? >> reporter: well, senator paul is backing the amendment to cut off aid to egypt completely. other lawmakers say it is better to control the pursestrings and possible steer the outcome. >> it sounds like they are concerned that some of the money may end up in the wrong hands, whatever that means. >> reporter: there are. the muslim brotherhood has partial control of the parliament. and they could theoretically control it. the brotherhood is saying they will not recognize israel and it plans to deny the peace treaty brokered by jimmy carter. and new warnings that cutting aid to the egyptian government, including the paul amendment could make things worse. >> i know an amendment being proposed to break our military relationship and cut off all aid. my personal military judgment is
7:36 pm
that would be a mistake. >> reporter: the state department saying that it is working on getting those americans out, but no real progress. >> shepard: live from washington. the syrian government's brutal assault on its own people is getting worse. human rights groups claim syrians have killed hundreds more people just since saturday. meanwhile, syrian government officials rejected comments from the human rights chief of the united nations that syrian troops are committing crimes against humanity. according to the syrian government, other countries are manipulating the united nations and terror. >>s are behind the violence. alex crawford from sky news is in syria. she reports, violence is not the only problem that the syrian people are facing. >> reporter: it's the middle of winter, he's saying. we have no fuel for heating or cooking. the markets look well stocked. most of this produce is grown here, but prices have soared over the past few weeks and few are earning.
7:37 pm
everything is double the price, this man says. no one can afford it. >> shepard: arab league officials are looking into arming the syrian opposition forces. of course, not everybody's on board with that. unintended consequence is the fear. jonathan hunt has this news. though a lot of strong statements have been issued, it seems perfectly clear that military action is off the table. >> reporter: a lot of statements to that and from u.s. officials. first on the question of arming the rebels of course the state department spokeswoman says that the administration's view is that putting more weapons into syria is not a good idea. they want to, she said, quote silence the gubs. on the question of direct u.s. military intervention, the chairman of the joint chiefs told lawmakers on capitol hill that syria is very different to libbia. the syrian army is better approximate more heavily armed and he would have other grave concerns about military intervention. listen. >> there is also huge regional
7:38 pm
implications, big players and actor who is have vested interests there. and so this is one where we have to not only understand what's happening on the ground but look at the regional context in which we are dealing. of course, we will, when asked, provide options to the national command authority. but this is a very different challenge. >> reporter: the challenge that no one wants to seem to take on. secretary of state hillary clinton will join officials from other western and arab nations next week in a conference of the so cawlgd friends of syria. the aim of that conference, to come up with a unified plan, which would include several concrete steps. first of all, increasing economic pressure on the regime. secondly, getting more humanitarian aid to the rebels. and thirdly, strengthening the opposition, all of which they hope would put pressure on the president to step down. but with russia and china
7:39 pm
backing president ausad. it seems that diplomatally, nothing will change his view that he will fight until the bitter end. >> shepard: certainly how it seems. you ever worry that somebody might steal your stuff in the airport metal detector? one woman learned the hard way that that can happen. we have the video that appears to prove it. @@
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so get the insurance sponsible drivers like you deserve call us at... or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual insurance, responsibility -- what's your policy? >> shepard: if prosecutors get their way, amanda knox will head to prison. prosecutors in italy are asking the highest court to reinstate the conviction of knox and her boyfriend for killing her roommate in a sex game. they did years in prison before they were freed to go back to seattle. prosecutors say the high court's ruling was full of mistakes and they should reinstate the sentences. in a statement, family members said they are not concerned about this. the conservative leaning web site, the daily call are offering up another report on
7:43 pm
the inner workers of a liberal advocacy group media matters, saying they plotted to embarrass and discredit this network with tactics, including hiring private investigators to look into the personal lives of staffers. we should note, one of the founders is tucker carlsobon, a fox news contributor. shannon bream has this live from washington. >> reporter: well, sheppard, an internal media matters memo shows leaders saying their goal is to root out conservative misnmpgz, may have been planning a more personal fight. one contributor wrote, we must take fox news head on in a well-funded presidential-style campaign to discredit and embarrass the network. the media matters web site describes him as an opinion columnist. in the proposal to the founder, david brock and president, eric burn, he outlined a
7:44 pm
multi-pronged attack, including hiring private investigators to look into the lives of anchors, hosts, prominent contributors and senior staffers and hiring a major law firm to figure out ways to sue fox and suggested hiring a team of trackers to stake out private and public events that fox news employees might attend and encouraged personal attacks through social media, mailing things to their homes and putting anti-fox yard signs in their neighborhoods and he wanted to plant a mole inside fox. >> they really want to destroy this network. you know, really does raise questions. can an organization that claims tax-exempt status go after a media organization like fox news and try to destroy its business? >> reporter: daily caller has posted an internal target list, with donors to conservative causes, fox personnel and lawmakers. >> shepard: try not to forget your stuff at the airport,
7:45 pm
especially if it's a $6,000 rolex. watch this. this happened to this woman. she didn't realize until 30 minutes later, by then it was gone. but they have cameras there, you know? check out the guy, as he notices the watch and grabs it from the bin and off he goes. it happened in ft. lauderdale, where tsa searched the terminal. there is a $1,000 reward for his arrest. millions of americans rely on medicaid for health care, but there is a new push to make smokers pay more for their coverage. we report, you decide. a teenager complained about her parents on facebook and dad fired back. >> that's your laptop, right there. you see, it's here on the ground. this right here is my .45. >> shepard: how did the cops respond? you might be surprised. that's ahead on the "fox report." [ male announcer ] we know you don't wait
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>> shepard: lighting up could soon increase the cost of doctor visits if theyor medicaid in utah. it could become the first state in the country to make people pay extra for co-pays to encourage people to be healthy e. according to a republican congressman, smokers cost $1r 104 million a year. if smokers can spend $7 a day for cigarettes, they should be able to afford the new $2 to $3 co-pay. some critics are arguing that low-income smokers are hurt financially and not inspire them to quit. >> that's right. the american lung association says more people will likely get sick. it is opposing the legislation, saying that folks on medicaid are already on a fixed income,
7:50 pm
upping the price of going to the doctor won't stop them from smoking, but will stop them from getting checkups. >> we think there will be more heart attacks, more lung disease problems and that will end up costing more in the long run. >> and the author of the bill says the obese should probably also have higher co-pays. >> shepard: what happens if someone quits smoking? how will they enforce it? if somebody quits smoking, how will they rejigger what they have to pay then, you know what i mean? >> exactly. if a recipient enters into a smoking cessation program, that extra cost will be waived. it seems at this point, that doctors are going to be the ones to enforce t. as for the cost, the representative says smokers can afford it. >> you choose to smoke, so you are going to pay $6, $7 or $8 for cigarettes, sometimes two packs a day. you can pay more to go to the
7:51 pm
doctor. >> he says he has had four open heart surgeries to address the effects of his mother's smoking while pregnant f. it passes, utah would need to seek a waiver from the federal government to change the co-pay. >> shepard: a fed-up father taking things out on his daughter's laptop, after she posted a rant about her parents on facebook. hear what he says she wrote. >> i'm not your damn slave. it is not my responsibility to clean up your [bleep] we have a cleaning lady for a reason. >> shepard: dad was want pleased. and posted an eight-minute video sponse youtube that went viral. >> i don't know how to say how disappointed i am in you and how disrespectful you were to every single adult in your life. but, kid, you got it easy. way easy. it's about to get harder. there's your laptop. you see, it's out here on the ground. this right here is my .45.
7:52 pm
[gun firing]. >> that was the first round. >> there were nine before it was all over. the dad says if he had to do it again, high dolled it almost the same, only less swearing and no smoking, says he's trying to quit. since the video went viral, police have stopped by his house... to thank him. >> one school bus rear-ends anher, step topping our news across america. >> ohio, a fire chief west of cleveland says the collision happened as one bus was stopped in traffic. here are two kids on the buses. >> i heard a big boom and looked back and saw a bus behind us. and i hit my head on the seat in front of me. >> i heard the brakes slam and then we crashed into the back of the bus. >> shepard: the most serious injuries were a bloody nose and a chipped tooth. iowa. an overnight fire destroyed a barn northeast of des moines.
7:53 pm
the blaze reportedly killed dozens of calves inside and damaged two other buildings. investigators say they are working on the cause. california, a navy seal night-time jump onto sunset boulevard in los angeles. members of the leap frog, twirled through the air with sparklers on their gear. they all landed safely. the jumps were to promote a new movie. arizona, an air force staff sergeant returning from a 15-month deployment in turkey surprised his kids in phoenix. his daughter was getting a special award in a science program, turned out to be something she had given her father when he went away. then ncame dad. >> my dad came back. >> the operation, a success. that's a fox watch. sposhts illustrated crowned the youngest swimsuit cover model in nearly 3 decades. but it wasn't that long ago, her
7:54 pm
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>> shepard: from youtube to the cover of sports illustrated, kate upton, now the youngest model to grace the cover since an 18-year-old did it in 1984. upton hit it big when a model scout discovered her in a youtube video at an l.a. clippers basketball game. the video has racked up more than 18 million views. her uncle is republican congressman fred upton, the chairman of the house energy and commerce committees. shakeira, blaming her blackberry for setting off an angry sea lion. she says that the animal tried to attack her in a vacation in south africa. she posted these pictures on line. she says they must have thought her shiny smart phone was a fish. she says it roared at her and
7:58 pm
jumped out of the water, coming within a foot of biting her. the star says her brother stepped in to save her, but she suffered scratches on her hand, as she climbed to a rock to safety. the top five things. police investigating a colorado man they suspect of selling phony meteorites. his own testing he says proves the rocks are real. the detroit red wings are close to the record for most consecutive home wins in an nhl season, but they have to beat dallas tonight. number 3, north korea unveiling a massive bronze statue of lovieanne kim jong il. and congress could be close to a deal to extend the payroll tax credit, set to expire next month. on this day, around the year tw 70, yes, 270, legend has it that
7:59 pm
clauduous the cruel ordered the death of st. valentine for the crime of marrying loves in secret,as has name suggests, clauduous was the mean hom bresm he had troops fighting all over the place and in bloody and unpopular wars. because of that, he had trouble recruiting soldiers. clauduous mistakenly believed it was because his men and wifes and family, so he outlawed marriage. enter valentine. clauduous got wind and his his men beat valentine to death and cut off his head. the church sainted valentine. but the holy man traded his head for a heart. the fact note available by asking o'reilly -- nicely. now you know the news for this tuesday, february 14, 2012. valentine's day. for the journalists of fox news, i'm shepard smith. thanks for


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